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League of Legends high ping

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tobito Sunday 22 May 2016 at 0:38

Hello everyone,

After many months of inactivity, i've decided to give a try to LoL on GNU/Linux.

Using the default installation script, with 4.2.10 version of PoL, everything seems to work, even on high specs.

Except for the ping.

OMG the ping, it can range from 40ms (usually i got 54ms, stable) to 400+ ms.

There's no way to simulate the thing, internet is just fine (DW: 2MB/s, UP: 1MB/s), it randomly occur, without reasons - on low, medium, high specs.

Is someone else having the same issue?

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 (so, kernel 4.4)

CPU: i5 6600k

 VGA: Nvidia 750 Ti


Thanks on advice for the answers, and sorry for my bad english, i'm learning it and try it without translator :P