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Where does playonlinux download the files form?

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eldude24 Sunday 3 July 2016 at 4:45


Was wondering where does playonlinux download the files from? I was trying to install steam and it gets hunged up in "downloading andale32.exe" and I'm wondering if its a firewall issue. I'm using pfsense and I got everything From france open. Does it come from somewhere else? ty

Daviot Monday 4 July 2016 at 2:14


The location is determined by the code of the bash installer script for that program.

If it's downloading an installer from a public URL, the line of code will look like:
POL_Download  "http://path_to_your_game's_installer.exe"

I haven't tried installing things directly from the Windows-version of Steam, but for the few installer scripts that install Steam games actually send a command to the Steam client, such as:

POL_Wine "steam.exe" steam://install/12345x

Where "12345x" is the game's internal "AppID", which can be looked up via

If you're installing the program from within Steam and Steam is having trouble downloading the file, then it may not be a PlayOnLinux issue.

Hope that helps. smiley