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League of Legends bug

Cant click on anything in the client after login

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JustCallMeZack Tuesday 23 August 2016 at 6:42

Ok so I recently switched to ubuntu, after realizing that all the games I play can be played on linux, and that I hate windows, so why wouldn't I switch. However I cant seem to get league to work even though it seems that everyone else is able to. I followed This post on the league subreddit on how to install it properly, however when I get past the login screen I cant click on anything in the client and it is blurry/faded a bit. I also tried switching from wine version 1.9.2-staging-LOL3 to 1.9.15-Staging because another post said everything works perfectly on there, and that didn't change anything. Any help would be really appreciated considering not being able to pay league would make me switch back to windows more than likely.