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Playonlinux mixes up files when I have more than 1 file has the same name and run wrong one

Same file names in same virtual drive are making issue

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eronis Monday 28 November 2016 at 22:27

 Hi ! I'm having issue with playonlinux itself. It mixes up files when a playonlinux virtual drive has more than one file has the same name. For example I'm playing blank dream, witch's house, Ib like mini indie games but because all of game launch file's name are game.exe, which ever game I try to run in the end blank dream appears. It's because all those .exe files have game.exe name. Do you have any solution for this ? I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. Because Ib has a different name, Ib works well. Other games don't. Any idea to fix this ?

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