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function_overrides doesn't override

nothing changes

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zufanka Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 21:52


The flashplayer active x link is broken, so I tried to fix it for myself.

I added ALLOW_FUCTION_OVERRIDES=TRUE to the playonlinux.cfg and I created a new file in ~/.PlayOnLinux/configurations/function_overrides/POL_Install_Flashplayer_ActiveX

function_overrides ♥ cat POL_Install_Flashplayer_ActiveX 
#   Update script (broken)
cd "$POL_USER_ROOT/ressources"
POL_Download_Resource"" "b18195bd28aa97546527fe349c9a1cac"
POL_Wine_WaitBefore "Flash Player Active X"
POL_Wine "install_flash_player_ax.exe"

The installer is still looking for the old link though.

What am I missing?



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