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"Good" Gaming Controller with Vibration Support on Linux

I have tried XBox 360, Xbox One and the Steam Controller.

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jepster Saturday 1 July 2017 at 13:04


I must say that generally gaming on Linux is fun, since Steam is supporting Linux. In my case I am using Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu and I am quite happy. But the controller support is way worse than on Windows. Fortunately the Xbox 360 controller "controls" are supported by the Linux Kernel. So I can play e.g. Rocket League.

But it lacks vibration support. 

There is the Xbox Drv project on GitHub ( But this project is unsupported since years. There was "some" vibration afterwards but generally the Xbox 360 controller was just broken afterwards and I could not figure out how to configure the controller with Xboxdrv.

I was hoping that the Steam Controller will vibrate on my Linux Mint, but I had no luck. Although the Steam Controller was vibrating on Windows 10. This does not mean, that it was not working at all on Linux Mint - the controls were working. I have tried Rocket League.

Is there any controller which is really "good" supported on Linux, which means that vibration is also supported? The vibration enriches the gaming experience a lot and I do miss it on Linux. Please share your experience by chance.

I am looking forward to your reply! :)

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