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Use headless Linux server for emulation gaming?

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TrevorGage Monday 3 February 2020 at 15:18

I've got a Linux server with a GPU sitting around doing very little, so I was trying to figure out a way to use it as a headless gaming server for emulation. The main driver here is that an RPi doesn't have enough power in it to play some of the more graphics-intensive games, so I was wondering if that could be offloaded to a headless box. This only needs to run on my local network (not looking to take this remote).

Yesterday I tried putting Steam on the box and using Steam ROM Manager to add games to Steam, and then using a Steam Link to try to play those. That only worked once before hitting segfaults in Retroarch, and just felt generally unstable.

Is there a way to install EmulationStation/Lakka on a server, and then connect to it remotely with really low latency? Or to set up Retropie on an RPi and have it use a networked server for rendering? Parsec is Windows only (it needs the Windows Desktop Duplication API). The graphics card I have is nVidia, but it looks like GameStream is Windows-only.

Or should I just run Windows in VirtualBox?