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Scions Of Fate - OpenSuse - ATI 2600 PRO (HIS)

Installed, updates, but won\'t play.

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sirrell Wednesday 25 June 2008 at 4:53

I've installed a game using POL and Directx9 is also installed.
This is the first game i've installed using POL, and there was no script to use for this game.
The game installs fine, and updates fine, but when i click start game, it disappears.
No Error message even.

Please someone help.
Installled=Directx 9, and Scions Of Fate.

In Case your like i was a week ago, and never heard of Scions Of Fate its a World Of Warcraft Style game, thats free to legally download and free to play, however it seems to require windows. Totally awesome when it works.

the home page is at then just click the scions of fate link