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CockOS Reaper freezes upon opening context menus on Linux Manjaro

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ranivacar Monday 4 October 2021 at 22:08

Hello, playonlinux forum!

I am having a new issue running 64-bit Reaper for Windows using PlayOnLinux on XFCE Manjaro Pahvo 21.1.4, where upon opening the software, as soon as any menus, such as right-click context menus or from the toolbar, are opened, the program freezes and can only be closed with alt+f4. Today is the first time I've run into this issue-- the program ran perfectly beforehand.

It does not look like either Reaper nor PlayOnLinux have updated for a good while, and the last Wine update was before I started seeing this issue.

I have no idea where to begin, so please be patient. Thank you in advance for all the help.