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Patching The Sims 3 and getting Bad EXE format errors

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eddieringle Thursday 3 September 2009 at 5:03

I installed The Sims 3 via the script included with POL and when it asked to patch the game, I went ahead and did it. In the GUI, it appears as everything was fine, but in the terminal output, I get the following:
Former The Sims 3 version:
wine: could not load L"Z:\\\\home\\\\eddie\\\\.PlayOnLinux\\\\ressources\\\\Sims3_1.2.7.00001_from_1.0.631.00001.exe": Bad EXE format for
Apparently the script was suppose to install some patched version of wine, but no new version was installed, and it's using my 1.1.28 version of wine. If it matters, I'm running Karmic 64-bit.

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-- Eddie Ringle