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Chouse directory to install Black Ops

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Klaucke Sunday 7 August 2011 at 17:47

Hello, i'm new.

Hello, my name is Ben and I'm just trying out Linux Ubuntu. I like to play Black Ops and i was wondering if it runs better on Linux than on windows. So i installed Ubuntu with "WUBI".

After the installation was completed i installed PlayOn with the software center. PlayOn kept whining about my 3d accelerator, so i installed the new Ati driver. Took me 3 hours. :p With Google i found an article how to install Black Ops DVD version using PlayOn. I launched the installation with PlayOn and got to the point where i had to choose the DVD installation. But i got stuck there. The installation automatically installs the game in "c:\\Program Files\\Steam" but i want to install it on an other partition.

I previously installed windows and made 3 partitions on my hard drive. One for windows, one for Linux and one for everything else. I already have installed Black Ops there, but am not sure is I can access that one with linux.

So my questions are:
-Do I have to install Black Ops again?
*If the first question is no: How can i access Black Ops?
*If the first questions is yes: How can i direct it to my D:\\ drive in windows? (couse i cant find that name in linux, only a long number and that something like "\\media....")

Thanks in forward.
Kind regards,
Klaucke Sunday 7 August 2011 at 17:49

Maby good to tell:

Ubuntu version: 11.04 (natty)
PlayOn version: 3.8.8
Wine version: 1.2.2

Edit: Updated Play on linux to 4.x.x and pol updated Wine to 1.3.x (i thought. Using windows right now)

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