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How to use manual Install

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AgileTurtle Monday 2 January 2012 at 20:13

im trying to install a emulator with a .exe extension.

i have ubuntu 10.10
i think im using Wine 1.1.36

im new on linux and id really appreciate the help. ill tell you what im doing, and if you can tell my what im doing wrong that would be great.

Open PlayOnLinux

Click Install

Go to Install a .pol package or an unsupported application

manual installation

Install a program in a new Prefix

Then i type in VisualBoyAdvance the program im trying to convert is "VisualBoyAdvance.exe"

Assign Wine Configuration

Dropdown bar select 1.1.36

then it tells me to install a gecko which it will do for me i click "Install"

"Please select the install file to run" i browse and click "VisualBoyAdvance.exe"

Then is says "Please do not press next until the installation has been completed." but nothing is installing. so i hit forward.

would you like to create shortcut, yes

select executable file "VisualBoyAdvance.exe"

Name shortcut "VisualBoyAdvance" put on desktop

then it asks me if i want to create a shortcut on PlayonLinux and i select yes.

then i go to my shortcut on my desktop and double click it and nothing happens.

so Please help me like i said im new to Linux and i do know a little about computers but i spend most of my time on Windows.

Oh yea i should probably say that i have no clue how to use wine.