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Katie VandenGerbil Sunday 29 January 2012 at 22:10
Katie VandenGerbilAnonymous

Hello Everyone!

I am new to all this. I am using Ubuntu 10.4 (I think). I have PlayOnLinux, an older version, not sure which one.I have three games which I got from the Install section and I have a fourth game which I added with the "Install a pol package or unsupported application" option on the lower left corner.

I have legal copies of these.

Anyway the game icons are there when I open PlayOnLinux but nothing happens, I click on "Run" and the other options but nothing.

What am I doing wrong? I have my own copies of the games on CDs.Am I supposed to upload the game (for example Civ IV) on to PlayOnLinux? Is PlayOnLinux meant to "interface" with a CD or can it be used without a CD?

I have the game icons both on my desktop and on PlayOnLinux but nothing happens with them.

I admit to being a complete dummy here. I would appreciate any help.
ap.marek Thursday 2 February 2012 at 23:02

What game is it? Re post the game and i'll give instructions... Welcome.