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Problem with Steam and Ubuntu 11.10 and PlayOnLinux 4.0.15

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enyone Saturday 3 March 2012 at 23:00

Installation of Steam went succesfully. After first start Steam updated itself and then dies. After second start it dies. And so on...

[POL_Wine_SetVersionEnv] Message: Setting wine version path: 1.3.37, x86
[POL_Wine_SetVersionEnv] Message: "/home/enyone/.PlayOnLinux//wine/linux-x86/1.3.37" exists
[POL_Wine] Message: Running wine-1.3.37 Steam.exe
wine: cannot find L"C:\\\\windows\\\\system32\\\\winemenubuilder.exe"
err:wineboot:ProcessRunKeys Error running cmd L"C:\\\\windows\\\\system32\\\\winemenubuilder.exe -a -r" (2)
fixme:process:SetProcessShutdownParameters (00000100, 00000000): partial stub.
/usr/share/playonlinux/lib/wine.lib: line 412: 15182 Segmentation fault wine "$@"
[POL_Wine] Message: Wine return: 139
enyone Saturday 3 March 2012 at 23:53

For now, I fixed this downgrading Nvidia drivers to: 275.43 (64bit)