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Help getting POL to run STO

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Jon.Markey Friday 13 July 2012 at 18:59

I've looked around the net for tutorials, and they all seem to lead to this one YouTube video ( Great resource, don't get me wrong. But it appears a lot has changed since he made that clip. I tried contacting the gentlemen to see if he could help troubleshoot my issues concerning getting the program to run (still waiting on a reply).

If anyone can instruct me in anyway on getting it to run properly. (step by step would be great. I'm really new to linux.)

So far I've gotten the Star Trek Online to launch the client via POL... It accepts my username and password. But then the next part is where it just hangs up and does nothing.. That part is the Patch phase of the login segment. Nothing happens. I know POL Helper is no longer available through the current version of Playonlinux, and I think that might be where things screech to a halt.

Please, if anyone has any instructions on how to get pass this, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you for your time.

schotty Thursday 19 July 2012 at 2:11

Just for the record, I am still using Crossover to run STO. That said, it runs VERY well under vanilla wine as well (tried it when a friend was mulling a migration over to Ubuntu a bit back).

My Crossover bottle has the following installed into it:
The Mozilla plugin
IE7 (fixes some launcher bugs)
DX9 (DirectX Modern)
MSVC++ 2005 Runtime
MS XML Parser 3
MSLS31 (a dll that adds some unicode support)
Fonts (I installed all the ones that Crossover has).

Now, the naming of what I have in my bottle is different than what winetricks has. I was working for a while with a dev over at Codeweavers to build a cheat sheet that translates what they call things, and what winetricks calls it.

Here is the google docs spreadsheet we got done:

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