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Wine 1.1.21 (development version)

Friday 8 May 2009 at 21:49

What changes does Wine 1.1.21 (What is Wine?), the latest development version, bring about:

- Beginnings of shader model 4 support.
- Support for copying/pasting images from X11 applications.
- A number of GDIPlus improvements.
- Various listview fixes.
- 64-bit support in winemaker.
- Support for building on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
- Various bug fixes.

A detailed list of all the changes is available on the official announcement page

To download the source code or binary packages for various systems and distributions use the following link:

PlayOnLinux 3.5

Friday 8 May 2009 at 13:26

PlayOnLinux 3.5, the brand new version of PlayOnLinux is now available.

Actually, the generic package was already released yesterday night but the packages for the different distributions are not yet all updated so you will maybe have to be a little bit more patient.
[box title=New_PlayOnLinux_logo][/box]


Now let's see what really matters. The changes POL 3.5 brings on are:

- The new icon (that you can see here on the left) replaces the old one.
- The domain becomes Why are you concerned by this change? Because this is where our dear MulX's contributions are hosted. His most noticeable contributions being the repository for the WineVersion manager in POL, the PlayOnLinux packages for Fedora, the bot of our IRC channel (and the logs), etc.
- An improved English translation (a few orthographic fixes, in the settings panel mainly)


If you want the generic package or if want to know how to get PlayOnLinux with your favourite distribution, go to the download page:

PlayOnMac's website is open

Thursday 7 May 2009 at 19:57

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to announce the opening of the PlayOnMac's website.

You can access it at the following address:

Your login name and your password are the same as your PlayOnLinux account ones, so it is easier if you want to contribute to any of the two forums.

Have a good web browsing all :)

By Tinou

PlayOnMac 1.2

Thursday 30 April 2009 at 11:23

Hello Everyone!

Here is the new version 1.2 of PlayOnMac. Important changes have occurred to ensure better compatibility of Windows programs on Mac OS 10.5.

So what is new?

Beginning of an OpenGL support

An X server is integrated in the PalyOnMac package as the version provided by Apple doesn't allow the support of applications in OpenGL. Right, PlayOnMac launches a recent version of Xquartz permitting some 3D applications to run.
A version of wine that has been compiled to work with this X server replaces the previously distributed version.

Here is a screenshot of Xquartz in action :
[box title=OpenGL_with_PlayOnMac][/box]

Of course, there still are limits :
- Games don't run in full screen yet. For this reason, scripters will have to add FixOSXOpenGL to their scrip to configure the application and make sure the application doesn't launch in full screen.
- Some games that worked perfectly on Linux don't work well
- The mouse is not restricted to the wine window in some game, which can be distracting.

PlayOnMac is, to my knowledge, the only simple and free way to run windows applications on Mac.

A new logo

PlayOnMac's logo has been replaced. It is inspired by the new PlayOnLinux's logo

Various bug fixes

- Display of the application's name during the installation
- The fonts are bigger, the application is much nicer to look at
- The left image of the installer have been changed
- A bug at the creation of a prefix that blocked some installations has been fixed

Here is a screenshot :
[box title=PlayOnMac_12][/box]

Download :

NOTE: PlayOnMac doesn't work with OSX 10.4. You must have at least Leopard to be able to use PlayOnMac.

A new version of PlayOnLinux will be out soon to update the new logo and fix a few bugs

By Tinou

New logo

Tuesday 28 April 2009 at 23:32

Good evening,

[box title=New_PlayOnLinux_logo][/box]
We are glad to reveal the new official logo of PlayOnLinux, designed by Tinou.
PlayOnMac will also gain a new logo, similar to this one but where Tux will be replaced by an apple.

It's already set up for the website and new versions of PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac will be released very soon, to introduce this change and some bugfixes.

But wait, there's more! Still about PlayOnMac, a new dedicated website is being created.

Finally, other PlayOnLinux based projects are on development but shush... it's a secret ;-)

Wine 1.1.20 (development version)

Friday 24 April 2009 at 19:59

What changes does Wine 1.1.20 (What is Wine?), the latest development version, bring about:

- Show a dialog on application crashes.
- Much improved OLE copy/paste support.
- Various listview improvements.
- More Direct3D code cleanups.
- Various bug fixes.

A detailed list of all the changes is available on the official announcement page

To download the source code or binary packages for various systems and distributions use the following link:

New Debian/Ubuntu repository for PlayOnLinux

Friday 24 April 2009 at 19:32

Hello everyone,

From now on, PlayOnLinux's repository for Debian and Ubuntu is hosted on the project's server.

The new address of the repository is:

I invite you to go on the download page for more precise informations.

By Tinou

Wine 1.1.19 (development version)

Friday 10 April 2009 at 23:17

What changes does Wine 1.1.19 (What is Wine?), the latest development version, bring about:

- Support for Visual C++ project files in winemaker.
- Improvements to the Esound driver.
- Many Direct3D code cleanups.
- Fixes to OLE clipboard handling.
- OpenBSD compilation fixed.
- Various bug fixes.

A detailed list of all the changes is available on the official announcement page

To download the source code or binary packages for various systems and distributions use the following link:

By MulX

PlayOnMac 1.1

Friday 10 April 2009 at 16:30

Hello everyone,

A few problems have been detected with PlayOnMac 1.0

This is why the a new version has just come up: the 1.1. This version fixes a few bugs that could have caused problems with PlayOnMac's first launch.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The download page will be updated shortly

By Tinou

PlayOnMac Final version !

Friday 10 April 2009 at 14:07

I am happy to announce the release of PlayOnMac's final version (1.0)

First, a quick presentation of PlayOnMac

PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac is a version of PlayOnLinux adapted for MacOS X
PlayOnMac allows to install applications made for Windows on a wac intel

What does PlayOnMac look like ?

Here are a few screenshots of the software
[box title=PlayOnMac_Main_windows][/box][box title=PlayOnMac_Application_List][/box][box title=PlayOnMac][/box]

What Can I install with PlayOnMac

For now, you will be able to install a few applications in a few clics; applications such as Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Internet Explorer
[box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box][box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box][box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box][box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box]

What do I need to use PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac has only been tested on Leopard for the moment. If you have an earlier version of OSX you will have to install X11
It is quite necessary to own a Mac Intel to be able to use PlayOnMac

How much does is cost ?

PlayOnMac is a free open source software.

Where can I find PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac is available on PlayOnLinux's download pagel

What more is there in this version compared with the beta 1 ?

- Great effort has been made in the integration of PlayOnMac in Max OS (there is only on python icon per window in the dock now).
- The WineVersion manager has been recoded for mac although as for now no other version that the basic one is available (patience, it will come)
- A lot of bugs have been corrected.
- For those who know how PlayOnLinux works, it is no longer bash that launches python but the other way round.
- PlayOnMac updates its repositories on its own when necessary (just like PlayOnLinux 3.4)

I think all has been said :)

By Tinou

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