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PlayOnLinux Script Creator - Version 0.4

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 20:27

Hello everybody,

First of all, I want to apologize for this version's delay (note from the translator: I want to apologize too for the translation's delay). Indeed, a version was planned sooner but I did prefer to do everything in the same time in order to propose a satisfying version before the 1.0 version (which shouldn't be released before several months because of the holidays and the improvement's difficulty).

So to being forgiven, I propose you a version of POLSC which is, in my opinion, practical and has powerful features.

This 0.4 version brings numerous new things:

- A script creation assistant able to create every script type very easily (Script that need a download or a CD-ROM for example). It is more beautiful, practical and has an help for each thing asked to the user.

Obviously, it's fully compatible with the version 3 of PlayOnLinux. The others functions in the 'Functions' menu will be updated in the v1, all the windows will be re-designed.

- After many requests, you can now go to the next text field (only in the assistant) by pressing two times the TAB button. In order to save some time.

- The Cancel/Do Again functions work at last. Please note also a more practical text field.

- The whole functions use, as the help, MulX's documentation. By the way, I thank him for his work.

- Commands are now added at the current place of the cursor.

- The "Quit without save?" window is now set to appear only when required.

- An update assistant was added. It notifies you if a new version of POLSC is available. For the next version It will propose you to download and install the new version automatically.

- For lack of a tabs system, I added a button to remove the current script's content.

- Enlarged main windows which was to small according to some users.

The fixed bugs are:

- The bug with "Save As" which was creating an empty file.

- Some orthographic mistakes.

- Memory leaks.

That's its for this version. I want to release a 0.5 version, just before the v1 development's beginning. It will only add minor features and fix 0.4 version's bugs.

Since this version had required to re-write many lines of code, I invite you to report potential bugs to fix in the 0.5 version.

I want to thank MulX for providing a more explicit documentation than mine, Tinou for his numerous ideas, critiques, beta-tests and uploading, and also the whole staff for supporting me and making me happy when I wasn't.

See you soon for the 0.5,

Good evening on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom

Wine Review: New address

Wednesday 18 June 2008 at 10:51

The Wine Review website have been closed two days ago ... to come back with a brand new version.

No more blogspot with lots of ads, Tom Wickline decided to buy his own domain name.

You can find the new website here:
There is even a PlayOnLinux dedicated category

Have a good surf

By Tinou

PlayOnLinux 3.0.3

Sunday 15 June 2008 at 19:48

The 3.0.3 minor version was out yesterday.

Some few changes:

- Big improvement of integrated IRC client which now supports the OP, HALF-OP, VOICE and BAN commands with nice logos
- A copyright issue fixed: I had to hurry to release this version because I forgot to indicate "Icon Provided by Tango Desktop Project"


By Tinou

Scripts updates: WorkOnLinux improvements

Thursday 12 June 2008 at 16:12

PlayOnLinux did a large number of updates for the scripts.

Let's start with the newcomers:

Inno Setup (A Windows setup creator)
mIRC (the famous scriptable IRc client)
Trillian (A very powerful Multi-protocol Instant Messenger that works perfectly with Wine)
IZArc (A free and adaptable archive extractor. I didn't found any equivalent piece of software for Linux)
.NET Framework 2.0

This last one will be useful to install the .NET Framework 2.0 in the prefix of your choice.


- Several scripts have been renamed for a better integration and more clarity.
- The Notepad++ script now installs the 2.9.2 version instead of the 2.3 one

And then?

Other new scripts will arrive, such as:
- Mozilla Firefox with macromedia shockwave player support (else it's useless).
- DirectX will be accessible in the "Other" category rather than in the main menu, as from 3.0.3 version.
- The .NET Framework 1.1 will be scripted
- A script will be done to install the gecko engine in the prefix of your choice
- Mono 1.0 will be scripted
- Various libraries

We are working on:

Some softwares that hardly install with Wine, such as:
- iTunes (for the store)
- Quicktime (same principle as .NET Framework, it will ask the prefix where to install)
- Windows Live Messenger (for ... hmm ... the wizz and also, we hope, for the audio and the video)

Have a good day all :-)

By goku

PlayOnLinux 3.0.2

Wednesday 11 June 2008 at 18:12

PlayOnLinux 3.0.2 was released yesterday evening.

Here is what's new:

- The PlayOnLinux's update alerts are now integrated to the main window. It avoids the additional annoying window.
- The scripters can use a progress bar that could be progressively filled during a script's execution
- I wrote my own code for Microsoft's fonts installation (It isn't a modified script from the Ubuntu package anymore. It's now a PlayOnLinux script). By the way, it contains the brand new and more intuitive progress bar.
- A fixed language bug which was preventing PlayOnLinux from running
- Miscellaneous lacking translations were updated
- A recognition on the IRC channel of people using the IRC client integrated in POL (not yet useful but done in order to add a robot to the channel in the future)

Obviously, this is a minor bugfix version.

Ubuntu, Debian and Generic packages are already available. The others will follow soon

By Tinou

New updated scripts for PlayOnLinux

Saturday 31 May 2008 at 21:47

Track Mania Nation Forever

- An adapted and more pleasant Interface
- Don't even need a click
- No more sound bugs! Even with the music or during a game. I particularly want to thank chain2k for fixing those problems.


- An adapted and more pleasant Interface
- Don't even need a click
- Fixed Bug (preventing you to use your keyboard)

Enjoy !

By Tinou

PlayOnLinux v3.0 a.k.a Arietis, as planned

Saturday 31 May 2008 at 13:17

Here is, as announced, the release of your favorite front-end to Wine, PlayOnLinux.

This is a major version. Here is what's new.

A whole range of new functions

I want to point out that v2 scripts are still compatible with this version. But we decided to re-design the installation programs nevertheless. Here is the new interface:

Steam's installer with PlayOnLinux v3.0

Here are the advantages of this interface:
- The window is unique, it isn't closed then opened up again, as version 2's scripts do.
- It is more ergonomic. The user almost doesn't need to click.
- The user sees this window form the beginning to the end of the script. So he can cancel the installation at any time.

New window means new language

Indeed, new functions exist now. To simplify scripter's life, we set up a standard. Thus, all the PlayOnLinux's functions controlling a window of the version 3 begins with POL_SetupWindow_ (Example: POL_SetupWindow_Init, POL_SetupWindow_Close, POL_SetupWindow_download, POL_SetupWindow_message, POL_SetupWindow_wait_next_signal, ...)

The version 3's scripts have to start with POL_SetupWindow_Init and to finish with POL_SetupWindow_Close

I will publish soon a chapter about these functions in the scripter's documentation.

Updated scripts

For this version, our scripts have to be gradually updated. By the way, we took advantage of it to check again the scripts. Here are the converted and tested scripts
- Steam
- Internet Explorer 6
- Safari
- Notepad++
- Pluto Strikes Back
- Crayon Physics
- Druid Soccer
- Office 2003

Same treatment for the plugins

Some plugins had been updated such as Capture, Wine Import and Benchmarks. The others will soon follow.

The Capture 0.8 plugin by GNU_Raziel, allowing to record videos during a game.

NOTE: The old pages still link to the version 2's repositories. We will update them very soon.


We added an "Education" category in the installation window.

Language files re-done

One of the bigger part of the work was converting PlayOnLinux's language files to .po catalogs. We did it because the older language files could provoke issues with Wine during some installations.

All the tools use now the new interface

The following tools were re-written:
- Update Wine's prefix
- Kill the wine server process
- Install directx
- Run a non-official script
- Automatic Run
- Manual Installation

Advanced Wine's versions management

Here is what it looks like, a screenshot sometimes worth more than a long text:

The new Wine's versions manager

You now can manage and assign your Wine's versions more easily.

This version is available in the repositories and on the download page. Feel free to report any bug.


By Tinou

Your script proposals will have to be optimised for the v3

Saturday 31 May 2008 at 12:11

Hello everybody

As you may have notice, an number of script proposals (on the forum or via the submission interface) aren't validated anymore since some days. It isn't due to a lack of interest or a lack of time, but only because of a technical constraint: the v3 had to be out today and it has a new graphical interface for the installation scripts.

So it is necessary to adapt ALL the scrips in order to take advantage of this new interface with them. If we let them on their own, that is to say in scripting language's v2, they will work but Arietis' benefits will be partially lost.

That's why the script proposals aren't validated: a documentation, allowing you to migrate your scripts to the v3, will be uploaded soon.
We will migrate gradually yet validated scripts but those waiting for validation won't be as long as they aren't v3 compatible.

So wait some days for the v3's doc

By Toumeno


Thursday 29 May 2008 at 18:05

Hello all,
We decided that all the PlayOnLinux 3 major versions wil habe a codename. This first codename was chosen by the PlayOnLinux's staff after a survey.

So this version (which will be out in 2 days) is named: Arietis.
It means that whatever you talk about Arietis or PlayOnLinux 3, it indicates the same program.

PlayOnLinux 3.1 will be Arietis 1

But what could Arietis means?

So Arietis is a star, as you could have guessed thanks to the picture (thank you Rex), but it is not any star since it is the brigthest one of the Aries constellation.
It is 18 times larger and 4.5 times more massive than our good old Sun. Moreover, it's only at 65.91 (+/-1.35) ligth years from us.
That's it for the quick astronomy lesson dedicated to PlayOnLinux 3's (future) release.

By MulX

PlayOnLinux v3: the official announcement

Sunday 25 May 2008 at 14:25

No, it isn't a rumor. PlayOnLinux v3 is planned for soon. By the way, it explains that there wasn't any new version during last days.

Some lucky ones even had the opportunity to test this version.

For those who are curious, I let you a video:

The version 3 will be released exactly (except major issue) on Saturday 31th of May, i.e in 6 days.

So keep on waiting and enjoy the video :-)

PS. And no, I don't run PlayOnLinux with sudo, it's my console that is buggy these days

By Tinou