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Wine development version 1.1.1

Friday 11 July 2008 at 19:39

Available since July 11th, 2008, here is the Wine's development release 1.1.1 (the second development version since release of Wine's first stable version), a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

This new release brings:

- Fixes for Photoshop CS3 and Office 2007 installers.
- More progress on gdiplus.
- Support for Unicode files in regedit.
- Improved video playback.
- Many Richedit fixes and improvements.
- Various bug fixes.

To see detailed release's note, go to the official announce's page.

To download binary packages for several systems and distributions, see HERE.

PlayOnLinux in the papers version 5

Friday 11 July 2008 at 19:30

PlayOnLinux is appeared in the press for the fifth time.

The Planète Linux French magazine wrote a brief about PlayOnLinux version 3's recent release.

Here is the brief's translation:

>> PlayOnLinux, a piece of software that we did present to you in our last issue, is available in version 3. As reminder, this project propose to easily install Windows games on Linux with Wine's help.


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By Tinou

PlayOnLinux 3.0.8

Wednesday 2 July 2008 at 23:44

Hello everybody!

Your favorite program's 3.0.8 version is arrived.

Here is what's new:

- New function for the developers: POL_SetupWindow_checkbox_list allowing to create a window with boxes to tick (see the screenshot)
- French, Hungarian and Spanish support in the integrated chat
- A lot of confusions are fixed. For example, the repository's update button which was incorrectly named "Program's update"
- A fixed bug with default Wine's version (in options)
- A large number of translation bugs also fixed

A little picture:

I think it will be the last version of the 3.0.x.branch. The 3.1 version's development will start soon.

By Tinou

PlayOnLinux's fourth appearance in the press

Wednesday 2 July 2008 at 23:28

PlayOnLinux just make its fourth appearance in the (French) press. (We don't know for the other language papers so feel free to report it to us if it would happen)

We thank "Linux Pratique" for the following article, appeared in their magazine (N° 48) at the seventieth page.

Here is the translation of the article:

Let's mention also the PlayOnLinux project (, a Wine based piece of software allowing you to install and easily use numerous games and softwares designed to run exclusively on Microsoft's Windows. On the project's website, you will find PlayOnLinux packaged for the distributions: Archlinux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Frugalware, Mandriva, Opensuse and PCLinuxOS.


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By Tinou

What the hell, did we forgot it?

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 23:05

Hello everybody,

I'm ashamed ... very ashamed .... and I'm maybe not the only one ... because we forgot to signal something important!

This is the birthday of someone important on the website ... yes! Tinou!

Despite our late (for me, it was done the 26th, so 3 days of late!) or the probable ignorance of his birthday's date for someones, we wish him an happy birthday to the big shot big boss Tinou who celebrate his 17 years. Here is a beautiful cake to be forgiven.

By the way, we thank him for his exceptional work, he spend a lot of time for this noble cause, and working with him is an honor and a pride.

Happy birthday to him!

Zoloom runs to hide in order to avoid the divine wraith ... but this news will be removed tomorrow at midnight.

By Zoloom

A release date for Starcraft II?

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 22:43

Hello everybody,

Who doesn't wait impatiently for the sequel of this best-seller RTS?

We hope this wonderful game will be Linux compatible (OpenGL used to be available in all Blizzard's games).Despite the numerous rumors we can find on the Internet since the game's announcement, a realistic release date would be appeared on three big American sellers' website:

Best Buy
Circuit City

So this date would be the: 3th of December 2008.

It matches with what Blizzard announced, that is to say a release during the end of 2008.

Despite it isn't an official date, it would be strange that these 3 online shops would have announce this date by chance.

Wait and see.


Source (fr)
Official website (en)

By Zoloom

Wine version 1.1.0

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 22:21

Hello everybody,

The first development version of Wine after their stable version (1.0) was released 2 two days ago, in the evening.

So this "unstable" version brings the usual number of new features and improvements:

* Many more gdiplus functions implemented.
* Improved graphics tablet support.
* Many Richedit fixes and improvements.
* Support for HWND_MESSAGE windows.
* A lot of new MSHTML functions.
* Many fixes in MSI registry handling.
* Initial implementation of the inetmib1 DLL.
* Improvements to the quartz renderers.
* Various bug fixes.


A number of bugs were fixed, as listed in this page.

See you in two weeks for the next development version.

Good evening on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom

PlayOnLinux 3.0.7 for a better IRC

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 22:07

Hello everybody,

This minor version only brings IRC related improvements.

What's new:

- The integrated IRC client was improved, notably to ease the discussions via private message, as you can see HERE and HERE. (Actually, this improvement was introduced in the 3.0.5 version but 3.0.7 one was released only few days later)

- Due to some issues with the PlayOnLinux's IRC server, the integrated IRC client now connects you directly at, on the #playonlinux channel

Other new thing, independent from the POL's version: there is one channel per language.

So you can now join one of the following channels, depending on the language you want to speak:

Therefore, we will only accept English on the #playonlinux channel.

Good evening.

By Tinou

Wine version 1.0 - the so dreamed stable version is here

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 21:34

Hello everybody,

We couldn't carry on regardless of a such event: after 15 ans of a fastidious development, Wine's 1.0 version (stable), preceded by 5 Release Candidates, is available.

Announced as mature, this version did yet shown that it was able to run almost every Windows application.

This version only brings bug fixes to correct the large number of malfunctionings of the older versions.

Here are the main fixed bugs, from the changelogs on the official website:

Version 1.0 rc1
Version 1.0 rc2
Version 1.0 rc3
Version 1.0 rc4
Version 1.0 rc5

Thus, many applications and games did benefit from tweaks.

We congratulate the Wine project and all its contributors who did manage to bring an efficient solution to run our favorite games under Linux. We thank them for their exemplary work.

Good evening on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom

PlayOnLinux Script Creator - Version 0.4

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 20:27

Hello everybody,

First of all, I want to apologize for this version's delay (note from the translator: I want to apologize too for the translation's delay). Indeed, a version was planned sooner but I did prefer to do everything in the same time in order to propose a satisfying version before the 1.0 version (which shouldn't be released before several months because of the holidays and the improvement's difficulty).

So to being forgiven, I propose you a version of POLSC which is, in my opinion, practical and has powerful features.

This 0.4 version brings numerous new things:

- A script creation assistant able to create every script type very easily (Script that need a download or a CD-ROM for example). It is more beautiful, practical and has an help for each thing asked to the user.

Obviously, it's fully compatible with the version 3 of PlayOnLinux. The others functions in the 'Functions' menu will be updated in the v1, all the windows will be re-designed.

- After many requests, you can now go to the next text field (only in the assistant) by pressing two times the TAB button. In order to save some time.

- The Cancel/Do Again functions work at last. Please note also a more practical text field.

- The whole functions use, as the help, MulX's documentation. By the way, I thank him for his work.

- Commands are now added at the current place of the cursor.

- The "Quit without save?" window is now set to appear only when required.

- An update assistant was added. It notifies you if a new version of POLSC is available. For the next version It will propose you to download and install the new version automatically.

- For lack of a tabs system, I added a button to remove the current script's content.

- Enlarged main windows which was to small according to some users.

The fixed bugs are:

- The bug with "Save As" which was creating an empty file.

- Some orthographic mistakes.

- Memory leaks.

That's its for this version. I want to release a 0.5 version, just before the v1 development's beginning. It will only add minor features and fix 0.4 version's bugs.

Since this version had required to re-write many lines of code, I invite you to report potential bugs to fix in the 0.5 version.

I want to thank MulX for providing a more explicit documentation than mine, Tinou for his numerous ideas, critiques, beta-tests and uploading, and also the whole staff for supporting me and making me happy when I wasn't.

See you soon for the 0.5,

Good evening on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom